Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Services

The following charitable organizations specialize in grief support specifically tailored to those who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss.


First Candle

First Candle Helping Babies Survive and Thrive

No matter how deep your grief and how great your pain, remember that you are not alone. First Candle, along with others who have traveled this road before you, are there to help you through the difficult time following the death of your baby.

Grief Support Counselors are available 24/7 at 1.800.221.7437

If you are looking for grief resources in your area, please visit this state-by-state list.

Grieving parents or family members may request a free grief packet by calling 1-800-221-7437

First Candle offers 3 private, online, 24 hour access support groups on Facebook. Connect with their compassionate miscarriage, stillbirth and SIDS / SUID communities.


Compassionate Friends

The Compassionate Friends Supporting Family After a Child Dies

More than 18,000 people a month find the support they are seeking through meetings of The Compassionate Friends. Please check their Chapter Locator on our national website for the nearest TCF chapter. Or call the National Office at 877-969-0010 and they’ll be happy to give you a referral to the closest chapter and send you a customized bereavement packet at no charge. They have many other ways of providing support including: their national website and Online Support Community; We Need Not Walk Alone, their national magazine available by free online subscription; their monthly online e-newsletter which talks about the organization and its events; their Facebook Page with over 50,000 members; their Worldwide Candle Lighting each December; their national conference; and their Walk to Remember.


Grieve Out Loud

Grieve Out Loud Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support

Grieve Out Loud offers an online support group for grieving families to provide a safe, supportive space for families who have been touched by pregnancy loss, stillbirth and infant loss.  All members are encouraged and welcomed to share and express all the memories, heartbreak and emotions that come with the grief of losing a child.  This group allows families a safe private place to grieve 24 hours a day / 7 days a week with others who understand what they are thinking and feeling.
If you are a grieving parent or family member and are interested in their online support group please request to join here.




Center for Loss in Multiple Birth (CLIMB)


At a time when the number of multiple pregnancies has increased dramatically, our mission is and has always been to ensure that none of us who have found ourselves on the tragic side of the higher risks for twins and higher multiples needs to feel truly alone or like the only one, no matter what the loss or the circumstances. We do this by ensuring that bereaved multiple birth parents have the same opportunities other bereaved parents need and want: to read materials that relate to what we are going through – to talk to others who we know truly do understand – and to gain information that in some way relates to our loss and the challenges we are facing as people and as parents.