Perinatal Loss, Grief, and The Long Shadows of Our Tiny Ghosts

Mother and Son in NICU
August and D in the NICU

Our Tiny Fighters is a personal blog that explores perinatal loss, grief, and issues related to the death of my sons, Augustus and Sebastian. To begin, you will find personal posts regarding the loss of our twins collected in a timeline that will gradually expand. You will also find a page for grief support services including 24/7 phone support and Facebook groups all geared specifically to the unique circumstances involved in baby loss. There is a page for charitable organizations, provided for both the giving and those in need. There is also a page for sharing and reading stories of loss, completely anonymously if you choose.

Trigger Warnings
  • I write in a frank manner about the nature and circumstances involving the deaths of my sons
  • I refer to successful pregnancies after the deaths of my sons
  • There may be images related to the deaths of my sons that some might find upsetting

My primary reason for creating Our Tiny Fighters was to reach out to others who are dealing with a similar loss and as such it is very important to me when I receive feedback. Please feel comfortable commenting on posts and think of this place as a safe and welcoming space. I can also be contacted via email through this form, or reached on Facebook.